Malindi industries Ltd was founded in the mid eighties to manufacture cotton seed oil for cooking. It was a pioneer, as being the first and only manufacturing facility to be set up in malindi town. Currently we are the only manufacturers of cotton seed oil in the coastal region of Kenya. Its by-product is cotton seed cake which we produce as low-fibre for the chicken feed industry and high-fibre cake for the dairy farms.

In the nineties we recognised the abundance of coconuts, a locally available raw material and started producing pure organic coconut oil from the copra (dried coconut) which we source from the local farms. We are looking to expand our coconut product range by venturing into producing virgin coconut oil and desiccated coconut.

Over the years we have increased our floor space three folds to 18000 square feet to accommodate our expansion.

In 2006 we set up a drinking water bottling plant within our vast premises to produce Galana pure drinking water,a natural, fresh and revitalizing bottled water to add to our product range.

Most recently we have expanded our infrastructure further by adding 18000 square feet of warehouse space to aid in our next venture.

We strive to ensure that our customers are satisfied with our products and the service we deliver to them. we are continually looking for ways to increase our existing range of products so we can expand our current distribution channels to international markets.