• Welcome to Malindi Industries

    Malindi industries Ltd was founded in the mid eighties to manufacture cotton seed oil for cooking. It was a pioneer, as being the first...

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  • Our New CocoPure

    Coconut oil is extracted from the dried white flesh called 'copra' inside the coconut shell of a coconut palm...

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  • Coconut Oil.

    Coconut Oil Cotton seed oil is extracted from the seeds of the cotton plant. It has some of the most unsaturated fats...

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Welcome to Malindi Industries Ltd

Established for over 20 years, we are the only cotton seed oil manufacturer along the coast of Kenya and the only manufacturer in the town of Malindi.

We take pride in serving the coast region by providing quality products and services to our customers and we are continually expanding our distribution channels.

Over the last decade we have put in place a vast infrastructure to ensure further diversification to expand our range in the oils, foods and drinks market.

Our New Featured Product

COCOPURE Virgin Coconut Oil

COCOPURE as the name suggests is absolutely pure virgin coconut oil.

We select the best, fresh, mature, organic coconuts from the farms in the surrounding region and use cold processing to produce the oil. No heat is used at any point during the process hence giving us oil that is water clear, free from impurities and most importantly retaining all the nutrients and properties(Lauric acid,Caproic,Caprylic,Capric acids and vitamin E) most of which are lost if exposed to high temperatures.

We have taken all the care to protect the natural goodness of this super oil and every COCOPURE...

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Our Products

Galana Water

We bottle pure drinking water sourced from a borehole in our farm that is next to our bottling plant. It goes through a thorough and extended process of filtration starting from chlorine filters to sediments...

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Cotton Seed Cake.

This is a by-product of the cotton seed oil. We produce it in two varieties. Dairy cow feed cake- This is cake consisting of high fibre which is used mainly to supplement food intakes for dairy cattle to massively...

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SHELA Coconut Oil.

Coconut oil is extracted from dried coconut meat found inside the coconut shell called 'copra'. We source our copra from the local farmers in the surrounding region and use only the best quality to extract the oil...

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