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    COCOPURE Virgin Coconut Oil

    COCOPURE as the name suggests is absolutely pure virgin coconut oil.

    We select the best, fresh, mature, organic coconuts from the farms in the surrounding region and use cold processing to produce the oil. No heat is used at any point during the process hence giving us oil that is water clear, free from impurities and most importantly retaining all the nutrients and properties(Lauric acid,Caproic,Caprylic,Capric acids and vitamin E) most of which are lost if exposed to high temperatures.

    We have taken all the care to protect the natural goodness of this super oil and every COCOPURE bottle passes through a strict quality check to ensure we pack only the best Virgin Coconut oil in the market.

    COCOPURE has a neutral taste and aroma of fresh coconut that is pleasant for applying on the skin and hair but also for consuming orally to gain a variety of health benefits. It can also be used in baking, roasting, frying and as a spread. We are encouraged by the excellent feedback we get from the consumers of our product especially those who have medical conditions and are helped by the use of COCOPURE.

    Available sizes: 250ml & 500ml bottles and 300ml glass jars.

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    SHELA Coconut Oil

    Coconut oil is extracted from dried coconut meat found inside the coconut shell called 'copra'. We source our copra from the local farmers in the surrounding region and use only the best quality to extract the oil.

    SHELA Coconut oil has various uses such as application on skin and hair. It is also a vital ingredient in making organic soaps and in the cosmetic industry.

    Available sizes:17kg ,20kg jcans and cartons 24x70ml, 12x150ml, 12 x 250ml

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    COPRA Cake

    It is a by-product of coconut copra oil extraction and is valuable feed ingredient and a protein supplement for cows, poultry, horses and general grass fed animals.

    Dairy cows - It is a useful ingredient of dairy rations, supplying both energy and by-pass protein. A daily feed allowance of 1.5-2 kg has been recommended as a good amount which could lead to upto 50% increase in productivity.

    Beef cows - Cows fed with 1kg/day copra meal have a higher growth rate then unsupplemented animals.

    Horses and donkeys - Copra meal is reported to have specific benefits for horses due to its low starch content, high digestible fibre and energy from the oil.

    Available sizes: 10kg, 20kg, 70kg bags

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    Galana pure Drinking water

    We bottle pure drinking water sourced from a borehole in our farm that is next to our bottling plant.

    It goes through a thorough and extended process of filtration starting from chlorine filters to sediments, through to carbon filters to the reverse osmosis then finally to the u.v tube.

    We maintain stringent standards by regularly testing the water and is approved by Kenya bureau of standards.

    Galana water is proud to be the only pure drinking bottled water in malindi. Hence it is also the freshest as it delivered to customers in malindi and the surroundings as soon as it is packaged.

    Galana has grown as brand and has carved a niche for itself firmly in the malindi bottled water market.

    Galana water comes in all the size in the bottle water range. These include:

    1. 500ml (24 bottles per carton)
    2. 1 litre (12 bottles per carton)
    3. 1.5 litre (12 bottles per carton)
    4. 5 litre (12 bottles per carton)
    5. 10 litre bottle
    6. 20 litre disposable bottle
    7. 20 litre re-usable